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   20.20.20 2014


Choreography: Judith Garay
Dancers: Robert Azevedo, Caitlin Brown, Desirée Dunbar, Thoenn Glover, Vanessa Goodman, Heather Laura Gray, Eloi Homier, Meredith Kalaman, Michael Kong, Felicia Lau, Michelle Lui, Darcy Mcmurray, Erika Mitsuhashi, Jane Osborne, Bevin Poole, Olivia Shaffer, Antonio Somera
Understudy Dancers: Kathryn Carlberg, Karley Kyle-Moffat
Composer: Stefan Smulovitz
Lighting Design: John Carter
Costumes: Margaret Jenkins

In 20.20.20 Dancers Dancing takes on the energy, bustle and contrasts of urban Vancouver. A new full length work celebrating 20 years of working in Vancouver, choreographer Judith Garay looks at 20 intersections in the city to set 20 dancers in motion inspired by interactions of architecture, pigeons, overpasses, green spaces, mountain views, skateboards and especially the people - old and young. Contrast and contradiction drive the work to be physically exhilarating and thoughtful, pedestrian and emotionally charged. "20.20.20" will steer away from a traditional tour of Vancouver, instead providing multiple ways to emotionally experience the city in its full richness.

Phase 1 Showing - Open Rehearsal: June 29th, 2013 at The Goldcorp Center for the Arts
Phase 2 Showing - Open Rehearsal: September 6th, 2013 at The Goldcorp Center for the Arts

Premiere - September 24-27, 2014, 8pm in Studio T, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts


   the fine line ~ twisted angels 2012


Choreography: Judith Garay
Dancers: Cai Glover, Vanessa Goodman, Bevin Poole
Composer: Patrick Pennefather
Video: Flick Harrison
Lighting Design: John Macfarlane
Costumes: Margaret Jenkins

The work investigates how we experience and relate, or perhaps react to the interface between internal and external awareness and the ways in which we create and avoid transformative moments. Some moments are routine. Some moments are heart stopping.


   extra, extra 2010


Choreography: Judith Garay
Music: Ted Hamilton
Video: Flick Harrison
10 dancers, 55 minutes

The work is a fast paced powerhouse of explosively charged images and rich, multifaceted textures. An intricate and edgy experience sourced from mass print media, it reflects, magnifies and then fractures our perceptions of our evolved contemporary lives. This full length work pumps vividly, from beginning to end, and resonates with the frenetic energy of our world in the twenty first century.


   voices in motion, bodies that sing 2009


Choreography: Serge Bennanthan, Judith Garay, Rob Kitsos, Anthony Morgan and Simone Orlando
Music: Bergman, Tormis, Bach, Poulenc and a new composition by Peter Hannan
Full length evening with five dances

A compelling meditation on the mutually dependent relationships between the voice, the mind, the body and the heart.

   extra, extra, preview 2007


Choreography: Judith Garay
Music: Ted Hamilton
5 dancers, 55 minutes

Extra Extra is an edgy, intricate work of charged images and rich textures that resonates with the fractured and fast-paced energy of our world.


   ONE, the catwalk 2006


Choreography: Judith Garay
Music: Iva Bittova
Solo, 17 minutes

Warp speed sensuality to voyeurism: ONE, The Catwalk uses images from 30 years of fashion photography to create a physically charged solo. Choreographed by Judith Garay for Desirée Dunbar, ONE, The Catwalk is a fractured look at the female image filtered, exaggerated, exploited and celebrated through mass print media.


   trio of duets 2005


Choreography: Judith Garay
Music: Marjan Mozetich
3 dancers, 14 minutes

Trio of Duets celebrates the exuberant physicality of young women. Its heady musicality sweeps you along on its tumbling journey.


   TWO, the late edition 2005


Choreography: Judith Garay
Music: Ted Hamilton
5 dancers, 30 minutes

TWO was sourced from hundreds of mass print media photographs from newspapers and magazines. During the creative process each duet was created directly from 2, 11 (1+1) or 22 photos all with two people in them. As a visual, spatial and numerical puzzle, TWO is an investigation into duality, duets, couples and pairing. TWO, The Late Edition is an edited, reworked, remount of TWO.


   4 winds, the winter project 2004


Choreography: Anik Bouvrette, Judith Garay, Santee Smith and Wen Wei Wang
- A full length evening of new work in five parts.

Dancers Dancing commissioned Canadian choreographers Anik Bouvrette, Santee Smith and Wen Wei Wang to join Judith Garay in exploring the universal theme of winter drawing on their own diverse backgrounds and cultural origins. A theme that speaks to all Canadians in its many forms: climatically, metaphorically, culturally; winter is a Canadian condition and shared Canadian experience that will be explored in all its magnificence, cruelty and beauty.


   quicksilver 2002


Choreography: Judith Garay
Music: Patrick Pennefather, Flo, Vocals by Sheinagh Anderson
5 dancers, 17 minutes

Quicksilver is inspired by life, death and the ephemeral nature of this changing existence. "The dynamic movement is perfectly suited to its fantastically rich music by Patrick Pennefather ... the performers undulate their bodies in soft meditative patterns one moment then blast out fiery, primal gestures the next." - The Georgia Straight


   place of dreams 2001


Choreography: Judith Garay
5 dancers, 30 minutes

A work of whimsy, disassociation, wonder, unusual juxtapositions, transformations, revelations and grasping for things that transform before our eyes. This piece is set to a collage of existing music from varied sources, both contemporary works and works in the public realm.

"Quick, energetic... playful ..." - The Georgia Straight


   entangled extensions 2000


Choreography: Judith Garay
With commissioned music by Patrick Pennefarther
5 Dancers, 39 minutes

A journey into another world, full of lyric dancing and lush costumes. Through exquisite choreography and interactive costumes, Garay creates an alternative reality in which we delve into the complexities of human interactions. This piece has played well to all ages from children to senior citizens. Exciting, energetic, captivating.

"A stunning tour de force" - Saltspring Barnacle


   a farewell to music 2000


Choreography: Anthony Morgan (commissioned for the Artspring Festival)
Music: Mozart
5 Dancers, 9 minutes

A tender, moving piece about Mozart's last work before his death. Dressed in white, and moving with gentle lyricism, this passionate dance embraces the beauty of the Mozart's music. "No other work by Mozart is more imbued with that final, quiet resignation, but no other concerto has such a deep-seated satisfaction in pure orchestral sound ... The concerto is Mozart's farewell to the realms of pure music ... and how difficult this farewell must have been to someone who loved life as much as he did" - H.C. Robbins Landon

"One of those sweet pieces that makes you sigh" - The Georgia Straight

"The profound spiritual encounter so vivid in this piece [of music] found a visual and moving visceral depth in the choreography." - Saltspring Barnacle


   whirlpools 1999


Choreography: Judith Garay
With Commissioned Music by Sue McGowan
3 dancers. 30 minutes

A suite of three solos each investigating a decade in the lives of women. "Reckless Cascade" tackles the inexhaustible energy, physicality and optimism of being in one's 20s. "Volatile Spectrum" exposes the emotional and spiritual issues that emerge when one is in their 30s. "Terminal Velocity" plunges into the raging hormones and sense of perspective of being in ones 40's. Whirlpools is a cornucopia of lightning fast changes and physical dynamism.

"Pure energy embodied" - The Georgia Straight


   the three graces, eh? 1995


Choreography: Santa Aloi
Music: Vivaldi
Trio, 10 minutes

An energetic and whimsical piece satirizing classical notions of femininity. A trio of businesswomen chase their frenetic careers, their sprit, and the all too infrequent moments of peace in their hurried lives. From lyric beauty to raunchy irony this very musical piece is set to the classical strains of Vivaldi.


   labrinth of tunnels 1993


Choreography: Judith Garay
With Commissioned Music by Michael Mortilla
Duet, 11 minutes

Bound together physically within one costume, this dance exposes the elation, destruction, mutual support and interdependence in a long-term relationship. The movements range from jagged to tender to powerful and exhilarating.

"A mesmerizing piece of locked-together choreography" - Dance International


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